Land, Sea & Sky

Land, Sea & Sky

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Beka Globe moved to the Isle of Harris when she was 11 years old. She studied photography at Napier University in Edinburgh in the 90’s

In her work, Beka explores “The Edge”, where the land meets sea, sea meets the sky, and sky meets land. A dynamic place where elements collide, interact and influence one another.

Photographed mainly during the winter these extremes of environment explode with energy. Here she captures an emotive vastness, depth and simplicity. Her silent images are deeply moving, stirring a particular sense of place. 

Size: 280mm x 315mm Landscape.
Pagination: 132 pages Section sewn,
Printed in Duotone,
Hardback, Foil Blocked,
Cloth Wrapped, Endpapers
Dust Jacket, Shrink Wrapped

Limited Edition - only 1200 copies